Sunday, 29 July 2007

Big Brother UK - Chanelle Walks

Chanelle has left the Big Brother House...

Chanelle has left the Big Brother House.

"You have got to have your freedom," cried Gerry as she said her goodbyes to her pals.

After an emotional exchange between Ziggy and Chanelle in the caravan where Ziggy said: "I do care for you. You have to understand that I didn't mean it to happen. You look amazing," the posh housemate stood fast on her resolution to leave.

A short while later she gave Ziggy a final kiss goodbye leaving Ziggy in the garden sighing "I feel like s**t" but Chanelle had gone straight to Diary Room. With one last glance she emotionally declared "It's not a goodbye, it's a see you later" Moments later, she was gone.

The girl who put the "Ch" in "Chiggy" has taken her style, class and panache out of the House and back into the outside world.

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