Monday, 23 July 2007

Wii Blaster Zeroes In On Wii Zapper

Just after Nintendo took the wraps off its Star-Trek-themed Wii Zapper gun appendage for the Wii console, another firm has nipped in early with its own offering.

Owing more to the Wild West choice of weapon, this long-barrelled add-on is the Wii Blaster and it does look sweet indeed. With a price $16.58 [£8+] is also a few quid cheaper than the forthcoming Zapper. According to the marketing info you get:

Comfortable single banded trigger grip or combines with dual handed barrel grip
Lock & load
Ergonomically balanced and weighted Blaster control system
Complete-range motion detection for Wii Remote
Maintains natural Wii innovation motion
Made with hard plastics of high quality

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